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Destination: Sheffield,Tasmania Australia

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Things to see:   Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake Tasmania - Bathed in sunshine and covered with snow

The Murals
It is amazing what can attract tourists to an area. The Sheffield murals have attracted an estimated 120 000 people to the town every year and really changed the style of the town. The town had become somewhat run down after a boom period during the construction of Lake Barrington. It was against this background that the local business community, inspired by the Canadian town of Chemainus, decided on a program of murals. The result was extraordinary. Not only are the murals a very obvious tourist attraction but they have given the town, so people say, a sense of purpose and self-esteem and provided a visual insight into the history of the region. The murals have been an entire town project. The rubbish bins in town have been painted with mini-murals by the kids from the local school.

There is an inexpensive brochure - Your Story Guide to Sheffield's Murals - which provides both a map and detailed descriptions of each of the murals.

Lake Barrington
Originally built as part of Tasmania's enthusiasm for hydro-electric power, Lake Barrington today is home to an International Rowing Course. It is recognised as one of the finest rowing courses in the world. Not surprisingly the foreshores have excellent picnic and barbecue facilities.

Mount Roland
Mount Roland looms over Sheffield. It rises to 1234 metres and there are a number of well marked bushwalks which are all suitable for a day of pleasant exercise. There are walking tracks from both Claude Road and Gowrie Park to the summit.

Sheffield Heritage Museum
Also known as Kentish Museum it is located in Main Street and offers excellent displays on the history of hydro-electricity in the area and the usual array of local artefacts. It is open from 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. daily.

Gowrie Park
Located 16 km south of Sheffield, Gowrie Park was built to house construction workers during the Mersey-Forth Power Development Scheme. In 1969 there were 1800 people working on the project. Today Gowrie Park is only a hint of its former self. It is still an excellent starting point for people wanting to climb Mount Roland and for people wanting to see the huge 82 metre high Devil's Gate Dam.




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